May 2021 Kyiv, IEC, 15 Brovarskyi Ave

Nataliia Shpak


MBA, strategic and management planning consultant, business process modeling and systematization specialist, business analyst and trainer. She is the founder of GoodSales, the consulting project, the commercial director of Playonix IT company, the member of the development group Jax Multiversal Holdings.

Due to years of work at international companies as administrative and managing director, she has practical experience in business process automation, implementation of CRM and ERP systems, an increase of profitability and crisis management, attracting and retaining clients, the psychology of relationships, mechanisms of construction and development of sales department.

Her basic professional experience is related to project management (creation and management), financial analysis, support/control of operational and accounting, process optimization. She currently manages several projects where she successfully implements and applies knowledge and skills daily.

The main clients are owners, start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs, executives of retail / wholesale and service businesses.

Automate This


When, Why, and What should you automate at the different stages of a company's life

What type of companies need to automate business processes.
Determination of real needs for automation.
Search for software solutions or the development of specialized software.
Implementation of software solutions in the company and training for the staff on how to work with it.

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