May 2021 Kyiv, IEC, 15 Brovarskyi Ave

Anton Boiko

Senior Solution Architect

Founder and main speaker at the Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community.

15+ years in application development. Builds apps based on Microsoft Azure platform since 2011. Microsoft Azure technical expert. Microsoft Azure MVP since 2014.

He is the owner and one of the organizers of the most popular Microsoft Azure conferences in Ukraine: Azure Day and Global Azure Bootcamp.

Internet Technologies


How to convince your boss to invest in technology and modernization

The title is self-explanatory, at least to some degree. During my session, I will share a story of one project where we were able to implement DevOps culture while leading a huge team by personal example.

We were able to convince our customers that the most expensive resource is not CPU or RAM, but human time. If you desperately want to introduce some improvements, but your boss cannot hear you – try attending this session. I will share how we were able to convince business people (who knew nothing about technology) that by investing in technology and modernization they would see first positive results within the first six months.

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