May 2021 Kyiv, IEC, 15 Brovarskyi Ave

We are aware of our full responsibility to numerous iForum participants, and that is why the Organizing Committee decided to reschedule event and hold it in the fall. This decision is caused by the spread of coronavirus infection and safety issues concerning numerous participants.

The epidemiological situation in the world and Ukraine today is a challenge for both society and iForum. Therefore, the Organizing Committee has taken a responsible approach to the risks that could threaten the health of many participants, taking into account WHO’s international recommendations.

Postponing the conference to fall is a well-thought-out solution that balances our commitment to partners and visitors and our responsibility for human safety.

The Organizing Committee continues to work in an adjusted environment, preparing our favorite for many people event, and keeping up with all the updates.

Organized by the efforts of volunteers from following companies

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